Lake Capote Recreation Area

Fishing Permits

Lake Capote Fishing Permits

Daily fishing permits, specific to Lake Capote, will be issued on site and are limited to 1 per person. Permits are valid for 1 full day, or until the permittee has reached the daily bag limit, whichever comes first.  A derby fishing permit is also available and is required to be eligible to receive cash prizes during a season-long fishing derby being held at the Lake. The following fee schedule applies to fishing permits available at Lake Capote. All visitors are required to obtain the appropriate permit(s) for the activities they are engaged in.

Price Per Day
General Public
Adult Fishing$10
Youth Fishing$4
SUIT Tribal Members
Adult Fishing (13-54 yrs)$4
Youth Fishing (up to 12 yrs)FREE
Elders Fishing (55 yrs and older)FREE
Derby (All)$20
Fishermen Note
You do NOT need a State of Colorado fishing license to fish at Lake Capote, and Southern Ute Stream Fishing Permits are for streams only. You must purchase a daily Lake fishing permit to fish at Lake Capote.
We are not renting boats this season.

SUIT Division of Wildlife Stream Permits

Lake Capote is also a vendor for Southern Ute Stream Fishing Permits.  Stream Fishing permits are not valid for use at Lake Capote.  To fish at Lake Capote a seperate permit  must be purchased on site.  A Colorado State fishing license is not valid or required to fish at Lake Capote or on lands designated part of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.

Southern Ute Tribal Members

Enrolled Southern Ute Tribal members, both juveniles and adults, must have in their possession a Southern Ute Fishing Permit when fishing on the Southern Ute Reservation.  No State fishing permit is required, and a Tribal permit allows a Tribal member to take game fish from all waters within the exterior Reservation boundary.  A Tribal member stream fishing permit is issued free of charge and is valid for the calendar year in which it is issued.  A Tribal member must show proof of enrollment by presenting his or her Tribal census card.  Tribal Members may acquire a stream fishing permit from the Tribe’s Division of Wildlife in Ignacio, Colorado.

Southern Ute Member — Senior Fishing Permit

Southern Ute Tribal members age 55 or over may receive a lifetime stream fishing permit through the Wildlife Division.  A Tribal member Senior Fishing Permit is issued free of charge and is a lifetime permit.  A Tribal member must show proof of enrollment and age by presenting his or her Tribal census card.

Non-Tribal Members (General Public)

All non-Tribal members must obtain a Tribal stream fishing permit to fish on designated Tribal waters.  A Colorado State fishing license is not required to fish on Tribal waters but is required to fish on private property and public waters (i.e. Navajo and Pastorius Reservoir) within the Reservation boundaries.  A list of designated waters and specific restrictions regarding access on Tribal assignments, allotments and private property is available on the Tribe’s Division of Wildlife website.

General Public Stream Fishing Permit Fees

Permit TypeTwo DayFive DaySeason
Juvenile (12 years and under)$10$15$30
Adult (13 years and older)$20$25$50
2 Day Access Permit (13 years and older)
This is required for any non-fishing adult wishing to accompany a non-member fisherman on designated Tribal waters.
Permit Replacement
All non-Tribal fishermen needing to replace lost or damaged fishing permits can purchase duplicates at the Southern Ute Division of Wildlife Office.


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