Lake Capote Recreation Area

Fishing Derby

Derby Season:  March 2nd – September 17th, 2017

Value of ALL tags stocked in the Lake:  $2,000

There are fish in the lake with numbered tags.  Each tag has a unique number printed on it.  (See photo below)

If you buy a derby permit and you catch a fish with a derby tag you win the prize associated with that tag number.  Prizes range from $5 to $1,000.

Below lists the number of fish tagged and their associated prize value.

$ Value# Tagged in LakeTotal
TOTAL STOCKED:77 tags =$2,000

Success is dependent upon how many tags were stocked in the lake, how many tags have been redeemed, time of day, and of course, THE ANGLERS SKILLS AT CATCHING FISH!!!!.

Good Luck!

example of derby tag in rainbow trout

Derby Rules

  1. Anglers must have purchased a derby permit to redeem a derby tag for the associated prize (anglers are not allowed to come in after catching a tag to buy a derby permit)
  2. Tags MUST be presented to Lake Capote staff while still attached to the fish
  3. Anglers MUST present fish with tag the day it was caught
  4. Anglers may redeem up to 3 derby tags per derby permit
  5. Normally, trout greater than 16” are catch and release only; however, trout with a derby tag greater than 16”, caught with a DERBY permit, may be kept.
  6. Derby tags may only be redeemed during the derby season starting on March 2nd and ending on September 17th, 2017.

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