Recreation Options

Boy Fishing at Lake Capote

photo by Ace Stryker, Southern Ute Drum

Lake Capote guests primarily visit for the quality fishing experience and spacious, well shaded camping and RV sites.  For those wishing to stretch their legs there is a path around the lake and 3.5 miles of road connecting the facility.  A volleyball court is available with its own secluded area and volleyballs are available for checkout from the bait shop.  As a wetland refuge in arid country Lake Capote has an incredible variety of migrating and resident birds year-round.  Many birders stop at Lake Capote to take in a sample of the avian variety found around the lake.


volleyball at Lake

Volleyball at Lake Capote, Photo: Josh Batchelor

Lake Capote Fishing

photo by Robert Ortiz, Southern Ute Drum