Banding the Ospreys for Tracking

Catch and bag

Leg banding, part 1

Leg banding, part 2

Chicks returned to nest

Female parent returns

Carp Bow Fishing

Bow fishing for carp is now available to the general public throughout the entire season at Lake Capote. Archers must obtain a fishing permit and may use their own archery equipment following favorable inspection by Lake staff. Equipment is also available for rent at the Lake. For more information on bow fishing, call the Lake at 970-883-2273.

Lake Capote Ice Fishing Contest – Cancelled

Due to mild weather conditions and lack of suitable ice-cover at Lake Capote, the Ice Fishing Contest scheduled for Saturday February 18 has been cancelled.
Apologies to our ice fishing fans!

Please plan on joining us for the Lake Capote Spring opener on Thursday, March 2nd.

For more information, contact Lake Capote at (970) 883-2273